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Article Title: Business Lending

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  • Up to $200,000


  • Up to 20 years


  • Purchase of inventory, equipment, computers, real estate
  • Upgrade of existing equipment
  • Building renovations and improvements


  1. A complete Business Plan
    • For help please download our business plan checklist below or view the Business Plan Outline. If you have any questions, please consider taking one of our Business Classes or scheduling a meeting with one of our Business Advisors.
  2. A completed application and all support material.
    • All forms can be downloaded below. Please refer to the checklist on our Business Loan Application for supplemental document requirements.

Need more information?  Please contact: Matt Lewis at (207) 973-3509.  You may be eligible for MaineStream’s new Startup Express loan for up to $5,000 for 2 years with fewer documentation requirements and a faster loan decision. Your business may also be eligible to save through a savings Family Development Account (FDA).

If a loan request exceeds our loan limit or does not meet a qualification for funding, we actively partner with other community development organizations that may be of service for that particular loan request.