Loans for Business

Micro Loans old_store1_1.jpg


  • Up to $200,000


  • Up to 20 years


  • Purchase of inventory, equipment, computers, real estate
  • Upgrade of existing equipment
  • Building renovations and improvements


  • A complete Business Plan (for help please download our business plan checklist below or view the Business Plan outline. If you have any questions, please consider taking one of our Business Classes or scheduling a meeting with one of our Business Counselors).
  • A completed application and all support material (All forms can be downloaded below. Please refer to the checklist on our Business Loan Application for supplemental document requirements).

Need more information?  Please contact: Matt Lewis at (207) 973-3509.

If a loan request exceeds our loan limit or does not meet a qualification for funding, we actively partner with other community development organizations that may be of service for that particular loan request.