Business Classes

IWW (Incubator Without Walls)

An intensive, 7-session class that goes into detail on these and other topics:  Is Starting a Business for Me, Business Concept, Legal Structures of Business, Business Plan, Marketing, Credit, Record Keeping, Financials, Cash Flow and more. The program shows you how to write a proper business plan, the key to starting and maintaining your new business.

Business 101

Business 101 is a single-session class about starting a business. It looks at business plans, marketing, cash flow and other aspects of business. Business 101 is a good way to learn if starting your own business is right for you.

Turning your passion or hobby into a business

Do you have a passion for creating or is your hobby sellable?  This free two night workshop will discuss what to think about before creating a new business. 

The Hatchery

The Hatchery: An Entrepreneurial Education Series is a 7-session class offered in the mid-coast area.

Start Your Business Online Self Study Course

This online-only course is designed for entrepreneurs seeking to start or expand their small businesses. Modeled after our 12-class Incubator Without Walls course, "Summer Start Your Business" will explore business plans, marketing, record keeping, financing, and more. Materials will be posted weekly on the course site and participants will have the opportunity to discuss their business goals one-on-one with the course instructor. To learn more contact Microenterprise Consultant James Macomber at