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The Hatchery: Accounting

MTA Accounting, Belfast

About Madeline Tomlin Associates, bookkeepers and accountants in Belfast, Maine.

Ballou & Associates - Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Consulting

Tammy Ballou discusses her services, and what a bookkeeping service can do for your business.

Do I need to know QuickBooks?

Do you have an accountant prepare your financials? It's still important to know what's in your books. See why.

What do I bring to an Accountant?

Find out what to bring to an Accountant when you're ready to start your business.

Projections: Voodoo or guesswork?

Coming up with an accurate forecast for my business plan seems a little like voodoo or guesswork. How do I best provide my "vision" to the bank?

LLC is a state designation - what about federal taxes?

If LLC is only a state designation, how do I decide what to do when filing federal taxes?

Is an LLC worth the trouble?

Given that an LLC only partly protects you from liability, is it worth the trouble to become one?

Would an account help with LLC decision?

Is an accountant the right person to help with deciding to become an LLC?

An accountant or lawyer - best to set things up?

Which questions are appropriate for an accountant and which questions are best for a lawyer?

Are accountants advisors?

Kali McCarthy, Madeline Tomlin and Tammy Ballou discuss getting advice from bookkeepers and accountants, and the importance of using a payroll service

Budgeting for accounting?

How should a very small business budget for accounting or bookkeeping services?

What is the biggest tax mistake?

What is the biggest tax mistake new businesses make when filing their taxes?

Self-employment or Subchaper - S?

What needs to be considered when deciding whether to be self-employed or pay payroll taxes as an employee?

Evaluating numbers for decisions and pricing?

How do you evaluate numbers to make intelligent business decisions about pricing and value?

Do I still keep reciepts for taxes?

For tax purposes to I still need paper receipts as actual proof or can I use electronic bank statements and the like?