FDA Graduate Purchases Home

Many people do not know about our Family Development Account (FDA) program.  A FDA is a savings account that you open at a local bank or credit union.  For every dollar you save, The FDA Coalition matches it with four additional dollars!  Corey Seelye, a graduate from the FDA program, talks about his experience with the program:

"I learned about FDA's when I was working for Penquis." Says Corey.  "At that time my boyfriend and I were in an apartment in Brewer.  It was really hard to be the only financial support, and also be constantly worried about coming home to an eviction notice. My goal was to get a house so we wouldn't have to worry about losing our home.  I wanted to have a place that we could call our own and we would have the freedom of getting a therapy dog that my boyfriend really wanted."

"At first the process was a bit tricky, but Roberta, the FDA Coordinator, was awesome.   When I started the program with Roberta it was pretty simple, because I worked a lot and saving money for me was easy!  So I just worked hard to achieve my goal.  However, it does takes time .  You have to have patience and you gotta work hard for it. If you want to achieve something you gotta go that extra mile."

For people not sure if they want to start the FDA program, Corey would tell them that it's the best place to start.  "If you save up $2000, they match it with $8000.  It's free money that will help you achieve your dream."

Families are usually eligible if household Income falls at or below:

    $23,760 for one person
    $32,040 for two people
    $40,320 for three people

If you are interested and would like more information about the FDA Program, please contact Roberta Teeto at (207) 973-3624.