The Hatchery 2018 in Belfast

September 5, 2017

The Popular Hatchery Class will be returning to Belfast for the spring of 2018
The Hatchery, MaineStream’s free classes for beginning and growing entrepreneurs, will offered in Belfast starting on March 1 at the Belfast Free Library at 106 High Street in Belfast

These seven seminars take the mystery out of starting a new business or growing an existing one. They address the questions you need to ask before you start, and look at what you need to do as your business grows. Attending these classes will help provide answers and suggest many useful resources.   
The series will examine your value proposition, how to create a business plan, get stared with marketing and sales, address legal and regulatory issues, and how to create a team. Speakers will include entrepreneurs who will share their experience and specialists who understand the numbers, laws, issues, marketing, sales, and regulations.

The Hatchery classes will be presented in seven sessions at the Belfast Free Library, starting on March 1
For more information about The Hatchery, and to download class materials please go to the Hatchery page.
The series will be anchored by Ken Greenleaf, business advisor at MaineStream Finance.    This class series is free and open to anyone, but space is limited so we ask you to register by visiting the  Registration Form.